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Long overdue, we have just released a new maintenance release, v1.7.3.

Looking back

It has been what can only be described as a hectic year. We've lost a valuable team member ( sorry to see you go Frank! ), we've gained a new valuable team member ( welcome to the team, Mark! ) and lots of work and health related issues for the remaining team members. I has all meant things haven't moved as fast as they should have.

Good news is that everything seems to slowly pick up a little, and our new team member Mark will be working only on Fuel v2 code, so we hope that we can pick up the pace there as well.

Security fixes

There are no specific security fixes for this maintenance release, but we have upgraded both the PHPSecLib and the HtmLawed libraries the framework uses.


One of the biggest requests from the community over the last year has been the ability to be able to use Composer, both for installation of the framework and installation of framework components and dependencies. As of this release, you can install FuelPHP completely though composer, either via "composer create-project", or via installing the downloaded zip from this site or a git clone of fuel/fuel repository, and then run a "composer update" to install the core and the packages. Composer is now supported for both the latest master branch (the release version) and the development branch.

Fixes and improvements

As usual, there is a long list of fixes and improvements, too long to discuss here. Please check the changelog to see what has been changed or improved since the last release.

What about version 2?

No worries, we haven't forgotten that. Almost all our spare time goes into development of version 2, and we have a new team member who's sole focus will be to work on the v2 codebase.

Because of the highly modular architecture of version 2, it is possible to use finished components in an existing version 1.x application. For example, you have been using its upload component since version 1.6. Several people have reported that they have switched their validation and fieldsets to the new version 2 components. Currently the new ORM and Auth components are being worked on. Both will be rewritten from scratch. Once they are finished, we will release a first alpha of version 2.